Typical Umbrian cuisine

The Restaurant

An elegant and well-kept environment, where you can taste the best of Umbrian tradition, next to creative reinterpretations. Everything is treated with care and with particular attention to the use of raw materials of excellent quality. In the condiments of the dishes is inevitable the use of extra virgin olive oil of own production. You will also be enchanted by the authentic taste of homemade cakes and jams, meats and cheeses that will pleasantly accompany your breakfast.

Cooking Class

cooking classes

Le Colombe di Assisi gives its guests the opportunity to improve their skills in the culinary arts by offering cooking classes, lasting a few hours, with our chef. Participate in the courses 

Friendly campaign

Zero Km products

In the restaurant of the Agriturismo Le Colombe di Assisi we use only zero-mileage products from our vegetable garden and from local organic producers who are part of the Coldiretti Campagna Amica Association.

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